Healing is Possible

Patient Testimonials

Severe Allergies/Mastrocytosis

Within 3 months of treatment I have had not had a single mastocytosis episode (life-threatening allergic reaction). Now a year later I can honestly say Dr. Kushner has changed my life! Dr. Kushner’s skill with natural and homeopathic remedies, combined with her genuine compassion for her patients makes her practice 5 stars in my book. I haven’t felt this HEARD and taken seriously in a very long time.   If you have a mystery condition that the medical field says you just need to learn to live with, or you are simply looking for a less invasive, more holistic approach, I highly recommend reaching out the Dr. Kushner. You will be in exceptionally qualified hands!”

-S.B, Morrisville, NC


Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Weight Gain, and Hormonal Issues

“I suffered from chronic fatigue, mental fog, depression, anxiety, unexplained weight gain, insomnia, hot flashes, and irregular periods and went to see Dr. Kushner in June 2015. At my first visit, Dr. Kushner listened intently and immediately suggested supplements and lifestyle changes that would address my issues. Now, just six months later, I feel energized, sleep well, have regular periods with no hot flashes, and have lost 25 pounds! I am also in the process of cutting back on the dosage of my remaining medications as my body heals. She has literally helped me get my life back! I cannot adequately express my gratitude for Dr. Kushner’s knowledge and compassion. Doctors like her are a rare find!”

-L.I.G, NC


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia/ Lyme Disease

“Dr. Kushner has given me my life back! Struggling with chronic diseases for over 8 years, despite seeing many doctors and specialists, symptoms only worsened. Dr. Kushner found the root cause of my symptoms, and personalized a treatment plan for me. By the 3rd month of treatment, most of the symptoms have diminished. I’m finally starting to feel what it’s like to be normal again. I am forever grateful to Dr. Kushner!”

-MO., Cary, NC


Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, and Eczema

“I had been suffering from an assortment of ailments including eczema, anxiety, and chronic fatigue for a couple years. Within a matter of weeks, I was already seeing symptoms disappear. It has been a year since seeing Dr. Kushner and my eczema and anxiety issues are gone. I have more energy and my digestive system has vastly improved. I am so thankful for her desire to get to the root cause and heal rather than cover with a band aid.”

-KM, Sanford, NC


GI Issues, Fatigue, Anxiety, ADD

“I had been to many different doctors before seeing Dr. Kushner – M.D.s, specialists, Chinese medicine, chiropractors, and other N.D.s. None of them produced the results I got while under the care of Dr. Kushner.” I feel better than I have in a long time and I feel like I have learned so much about how to keep myself well.   I cannot recommend her enough to anyone looking to treat the cause of their issues or simply be healthier. “

-KM Raleigh, NC


GI Issues/Adrenal Fatigue

“Dr. Kushner has been instrumental in getting me back to feeling normal after fighting adrenal fatigue and many other things. She is the first person to ever truly listen to my symptoms and develop a treatment plan accordingly. I am so thankful for her guidance and patience.”

-AM., Durham, NC


Chronic Rash and Anxiety

“So, I want to leave two reviews because Dr. Kushner has helped me and my son immensely. For me, I struggled with a chronic rash and no MD could figure it out. After figuring out my food allergies and a gut healing protocol was followed, rash completely gone. She also addressed my adrenal issues and anxiety in a way no doctor has ever taken the time to figure out. I am 48 and honestly feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life.”

-SZ, Apex, NC


Autoimmune Disease and Chronic Stress

“I came to Dr. Kushner seeking a natural alternative to healing from autoimmune disease and chronic stress. In just four months my health has improved tremendously. I now experience an increase in energy, weight loss, and diminished symptoms. I have found Dr. Kushner to be very supportive, knowledgeable, and open-minded. Interventions are realistic and centered on my personal goals. She also works in conjunction with my primary physician. Dr. Kushner has provided me with more relief and improvement than any traditional physician or specialist I have ever seen. I highly recommend her for natural treatment.”

–S.B. Raleigh, NC


Depression/Women’s Health Issues

“I have gone to several different Naturopaths over the last few years with little success. Dr. Kushner was then recommended to me by a friend whose sister has had great success working with her. She has helped me tremendously over the last 10 months. She also works with Homeopathy, which I hadn’t tried before and it has done wonders for my depression! I’ve felt more myself since starting it than I ever have with years of antidepressants and there aren’t the negative side effects. I’m very glad that I found her, she hasn’t given up on me and has helped me more than the others put together. If you are wanting to try natural treatment I strongly recommend you give Dr. Kushner a try!”

-SJ, Raleigh, NC


Pediatric Fatigue, Behavioral Issues, Weight gain, Sleep Issues

“Dr. Kushner greatly helped my 9-year-old son. We had gone to doctor after doctor for his extreme fatigue, weight gain, restless leg and behavioral issues. Dr. Kushner got to the root of his issues and he truly is a different kid, inside and out. His sleep issues are completely gone, he has the most energy I have ever seen and he has been dropping weight. It has allowed his behavioral issues to dissipate as well as other positive side effects! Dont walk, RUN to see Dr. Rachel Kushner, ND!!!!!”

-SZ, Apex, NC



Pediatric Headaches

“Our daughter Olivia had been getting headaches for about a year. We took Olivia to Dr. Kushner at the end of March 2015. After a couple of months of treatment with dietary changes and then the addition of a homeopathic remedy Olivia’s headaches were completely gone. The headaches have not returned and we are thankful to Dr. Kushner for her help and guidance. She is thorough and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend Dr. Kushner and would ourselves use her again. “

-JSS.- Mom of Olivia, Raleigh, NC